04 September 2020

SNBA Industry Letter on Industry Efforts and Possible Next Steps (3 Sept 2020)

These are challenging times for our industry as we battle against the Covid-19 pandemic.

While some of us are fortunate to resume business, the imposition of the Safe Management Measures (SMM) and the alcohol restriction make businesses unsustainable in the long run. We are also aware of the difficulties operators have to upkeep rental, workers’ salaries, levies, bills etc.

In the latest industry letter, SNBA President Mr Joseph Ong shared on the industry efforts SNBA has taken on the various fronts thus far and possible next steps. Refer to the below industry letter for more details.

More information on how to move forward and the respective support for each option will be advised once we have more clarity from the authorities.

Should you require any assistance or clarification, please feel free to contact us at secretariat@snba.org.sg.

Industry Letter (3 Sept 2020)